About Us

BNT abbreviates from "Bits n Thoughts" which means big things often have small beginnings and at BNT every small thing is considered before starting any new tasks. Interested much?

About Us

An exceptionally well established firm, BNT Soft Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the aspiration to provide high excellence and cost effective technology services for small to medium sized organizations. We have engraved the philosophy of high excellence in our minds as we truly believe when once served with quality, the client is bound to revisit with new work. The world has moved from quantity to quality and so have we. Our constant growth is a testament to the belief that our clients experience every day.

Famously said “Quality is not what happens when what you do matches your intentions. It is what happens when what you do matches your customers’ expectations.” And at BNT, we beilve hard work helps you achieve your goal but smart work gets you there faster.

BNT abbreviates from "Bits n Thoughts" which means big things often have small beginnings and at BNT every small thing is considered before starting any new tasks.

BNT has been initiated and ushered by well versed software professionals, having an all-embracing experience of more than a decade in software development. Providing technological services to financial institutes across the globe in diverse domains such as Retail, Payments, Financial services, Healthcare & Insurance. "Our core ethics are, being committed to High Quality Performance standards along with Integrity & Client Satisfaction."


"To emerge as a dominant technology player, to provide end to end technology outsourcing services and create a best value brand."


Culture is the way you think, act & interact. The company culture is all about organization values, visions, working language, systems, beliefs, and habits.

We at BNT strive to maintain an open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels at ease sharing ideas and views. We work together within a team environment of mutual respect, honesty and integrity. We are energetic and knowledgeable and take pride in our work and our company. BNT favors ability over experience and we share a common goal and vision.

Fun@work: In every organization, your greatest asset is your employees. By focusing on our employees we have found increased productivity, a more relaxed environment and a place where you truly enjoy. Without an open- minded mind you can never be a great success. Now more than ever, we are going all out to provide a wonderful experience to our employees. Ensuring that they’re happy, engaged, and having fun at work. Work-life integration is becoming common for companies of all sizes. It’s all about being creative and allowing yourself to make mistakes, but its art when you know which ones to keep.



We partner and align with organizations that offer most advanced products, technologies and services that complement our own client offerings. We form partnerships and strategic alliances with leading organizations to enhance our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients.


EFTlab develops products for the electronic payments industry that make it easy to deploy new payment systems faster. Our alliance with EFTlab enables us to provide merchants, banks and other financial institutions with complete test their payment processing systems

Click a Waiter

Click a Waiter is online ordering platform that allows restaurant to compete with the biggest chain stores. The platform has many state-of-the-art features such as Waiter Station (Mobile tablet), Mobile POS and Driver Mobile application. BNT soft is a technology partner to Click a waiter, assisting them with all its technology needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BUSINESSES cannot be successful if the society around them falls that’s where CSR comes into picture, because every business has a responsibility to give back to the society.

Corporate social responsibility has been a hot topic globally since ethics have become the new competitive environment, also referred as corporate conscience. Philanthropy is slowly but surely gaining currency among the echelons across the world. It’s the activities undertaken by corporates to promote healthcare and betterment of the society. At BNT it’s not merely a window dressing but is aimed to aid an organization's mission as well as is a guide to what the company stands for and will uphold to its consumers.

Since its inception, BNT has always believed that it is part of the society and should take responsibility to contribute in the wellbeing of the society. BNT encourages and supports its family members for volunteerism. Employee’s enthusiastic participation has given us a boost to better our results each time.

Some of our small initiatives:

  • One Zero Zero
  • Give away- Drives
  • Plant for Planet


Famously said “If you don’t build your dream. Someone will hire you to help build theirs”, but at BNT we would rather hire you to build your dreams aligned with ours to help our customer, their customer and society at large.

If you want to be a part of us all you have to do is make an attempt. At BNT it’s all about exuberance, innovation, ideas, implementation and results. The environment is set such that it inspires and excites you to do better.

We like to set the bar higher and then we raise it higher. We promise it won’t be a boring work day, rather a day full of learning, creating, sharing and competing. Our strength being retaining our talent and nurturing it, we give you an opportunity to live your dream.