Payment Industry

We enable you to adopt new payment technologies which are cost effective and of high quality and resolve most common payment issues so that you are never behind with the fast changing payment technologies in the world.

Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

We are the generation that has seen the introduction of mobiles, credit and debit cards which means no cash at all! Because of this we also understand the plunge of the world economy from cash to card and to e-payments.

BNT provides technology services that encompass the entire payment technology ecosystem.

We offer different solutions for your payment needs.

Acquiring Solutions

Acquiring Solutions

We know, looking out after profit margins, business data, handling sensitive customer data and keeping a check and edge over stiff competition can be difficult at times.

We provide a broad range of solutions that mainly assist acquiring agencies and merchant service providers to implement strategies and solutions. These solutions are aimed to improve process efficiencies, simplify transactions, speed up time-to-market for financial productsand minimize risks. We offer functional and development expertise on the entire stack of Acquiring solutions.

Our specialized team designs, develops and tests the following :

  • Payment Gateway Solutions
  • Merchant Management System
  • Payment Terminal Applications
    • Credit/Debit Card
    • Stored Value Card
    • Mobile eTop up
    • Loyalty Applications
    • EMV Applications
    • NFC, Contact or Contactless applications
  • Terminal Management System
  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Acquiring Authorization
  • Merchant On boarding
  • Transaction Switches,Routing
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • FX Solutions
  • Money Transfer Systems
Processor Solutions

Processor Solutions

Today payment processors need to provide services that are cost effective, accelerated time to market, available on various devices and which improve transaction quality to avoid fraud and abuse.

How do we help?

We have specialized team that is competent in multiple types of payments, such as credit, debit, prepaid, and corporate which ensures multi-layer security of data and payments.

  • Payment Gateway
  • Switching and Routing
  • Merchant on boarding
  • Clearing and Settlement
  • Business Analytics & Reporting
  • Expertise in integrations with following Processors
    • Chase Paymentech
    • Heartland Payment systems
    • First Data
    • TSYS
    • Global Payments
Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Card market has seen a whooping increase in acceptance by merchants and customers. These cards provide an alternative mode of payment to customers and are a fast-growing segment of the payments world. For the merchants, it not only attracts new customers but also maintains the existing ones, their business sales.

With its domain knowledge and technical expertise, BNT offers a full fledged technology services from designing to development.BNT integrates and supports various types of prepaid cards such as Gift cards, Transit fare, Payroll cards, Remittance cards and Health cards.

We not only provide frameworks of pre developed cards but also allow you to customize it according to your needs.

We do this and more with

  • Customer Management
  • Terminal Application
  • Switch Interface
  • POSA Interface- for activation & redemption
  • Card Issuance Interface- for card inventory, Transactional history
  • Settlement and Reconciliation
  • Provider Interface
Digital Payment

Digital Payments

Technology is challenging the boundaries of all payment instruments, especially with the wide spread use of smartphones, ubiquitous Internet connectivity, Biometrics, tokenization, Cloud computing which have revolutionized the Payments landscape. This digital transformation of paymentshas put power in the hands of the customer making them demand and expect quick payment solutions. FinTech companies are taking the advantage of this technology innovations and are taking payments to the next level in terms of speed, convenience, efficiency and multichannel accessibility.

BNT’s Payment domain knowledge, technology resources and outsourcing capabilities make us reliable partner for digital payment initiatives.

We provide following solutions

  • Mobile Banking or Payments
  • Digital / Mobile Wallets
  • Building Open APIs
  • Biometric and NFC
  • Payment with Social Media
  • Cross border Payment Solutions
  • Cloud based Payments
  • Cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin and Blockchain


We are in an age where people are interconnected, socially active and they know the world through their mobile phones. Businesses today are challenged to meet their customer’s expectations and demands of seamless experience across all the payments channels. The future holds a significant demand for mobile technologies like NFC, OTA, BLE. Businesses in the payment card business have to prepare for arising opportunities in wallet space, be it digital wallet or a mobile wallet.

BNT wallet solutions allows customers looking out for Financial Services to gain market share and improve customer satisfaction by using the cutting-edge technologies available in the market. BNT’s ewallet solution allows businesses an additional customer loyalty and sales tool by bundling multiple services and functionalities on one platform. It reduces the cost related to the cards lifecycle management. We help e-wallet providers design and deploy the latest generation of digital wallets successfully.

Our many e- wallet services include

  • e-wallet system and app development
  • Third party wallet integration - Google Wallet, Apple Pay, and MasterPass
  • Implementation with various payment channels to the existing Wallet platforms for making payments
  • Cryptocurrency Integration- Blockchain, Bitcoins
  • Wallet platform for closed loop cards
  • Multicurrency support in wallet system
  • Transaction Authentication using various technologies NFC, Biometric, QR, BLE, Beacons