BNT has tried and tested structures to fit in all your requirements. These structures are flexible which helps us provide solutions to all your problems.

Payment Applications

Payment Applications

BNT brings a mix of technology and domain expertise to provide specialized software services across all segments in Retail and Payment space. BNT specialists have varied and comprehensive application development competencies dedicated to POS terminals, Mobiles, Issuing, Acquiring, Authenticating, Routing and almost everything, you name it. It virtually covers every channel of electronic payment. Over the years of experience, BNT experts have acquired a high level of efficiency, enabling them to build such payment frameworks based on an architecture that fastens the software development for clients.

BNT uses best practices and the latest technologies to build end to end customized solutions as well as new components to integrate with the existing systems. BNT team has a very sound understanding of various Payment standards & protocols like PCI, EMV, NFC, ISO 8583, ISO AS 2805, Visa 1 & 2, JPOS. Our team have expertise in designing, building and implementing a wide range of cohesive custom software applications such as

  • POS Terminal and POS System solutions
  • Credit and Debit card authorization
  • Pre-paid Card/ stored value card processing
  • Full Acquiring Solutions
  • Switching, Velocity checking
  • Card Issuance and Management solutions
  • EBT and Payroll Solutions
  • Settlement and Routing Solutions
  • Mobile payments and applications
  • EMV & NFC applications
  • eWallet
  • eCommerce & Payment Gateway solutions
  • Testing services-POS application, ADVT, TIPS
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Payment peripheral integration

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POS Termainals

POS Terminals

We deliver customized payment terminal applications & solutions that meet the needs of clients – Financial Institutions, Processors, Acquirers, Merchant Service Providers, Retailers, attended and unattended Fuel Stations, Integrators and more. And we are able to do all this because, we have a strong specialists ( SME’s ) on POS terminals and POS Systems with in-depth domain expertise in designing, developing, and testing various POS based applications.

We already have done integration of various Payment peripherals such as Contactless readers, Cash Drawers, PinPads, Bar code & Biometric readers, Bluetooth printers, MSR etc.

Terminal Management Systems such as Vericenter, Ingesuite, Zontalk, Nurit terminal control, MMC are what our team has in-depth technology knowledge of.

Our offered services in this segment include:

  • POS System solutions
  • Integration with Peripherals integration –Pin Pads, Check readers, Bar code, Biometric readers, MSRs, Cash register, Bluetooth printer
  • POS Terminal applications
    • Credit/ Debit, Gift & Loyalty
    • Chip and Pin applications- EMV, Contact based & Contactless
    • Mobile eTop up
    • Cross Terminal Porting
    • Value add applications
    • Multi currency , Multi applications
Cloud Payments

Cloud Payments

With the introduction of cloud technology, today the payment world undergoes significant changes every day to develop the way payments would be processed in the future. The challenge is to adapt these new technologies and look to improve the productivity by streamlining the entire payment process, which still largely depends on outdated technology.

BNT specializes in providing cloud based payment solutions that assists organizations to enable quicker, affordable, secure and more accessible payment services. Using cloud based technology, we help organizations with the ability to create, wrap, integrate and deploy any payment application to a multitenant or single-tenant cloud systems. These cloud based payment solutions reduce operational cost and improve business processes.

Our solutions simplify the payment processing and easily integrate across channels, which are dispensed on demand as a service.

We offer clients with following services.

  • Cloud consulting services
  • Cloud application development
  • Cloud application migration services
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

The scope of mobile applications has increased tenfold with rise in the number of mobile users. This calls tremendous opportunities for businesses across the world to expand their avenues to reach customers.

BNT-Soft has a vastly specialized and competent team in mobile application development with which we have gained a unique ability to understand the client's business requirements. The team's proficiency, processes and experience of providing market specific custom mobile application development, has enabled us to develop some brilliant mobile frameworks that can be reutilized for development & hence reduce the overall development time.

We provide high-quality software solutions to a large range of mobile platforms and handheld devices, such as iPhone, Android, J2ME, Windows mobile and Blackberry. We have successfully delivered a suite of mobile applications for varied domains such as Payments, Retail, e-Commerce, Healthcare, Gaming, Leisure, Travel, Sports and Media.